"THAT BOY NEVER NOTICE ME" are the magic words for daring to dream of a love of film. But most of the time and that doesn’t work as usual.

go france :)


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Antoine Griezmann - my Edit 
Requemar by anon (:

"It is in the cruciles moments when you really know the people."

"It’s those moments when you compare yourself to someone, when you discover your flaws, or feel that you are not what you return the mirror. You can always be thinner, have a nice hair, or a face that attracts all eyes. You can always be better, and the comparison is what gives you that imperfect image. Never be compared, because even if you want that girl’s legs, maybe she’s looking forward to having your nose. You always have to value yourself because you never know who would want to be in your shoes. You never realize that you own things that other people would like. But that’s wrong. Neither should you desire that. We are all special, right? You will always see someone you look beautiful even if you end up waking up, or those times when you feel a mess. There will always be that person that we consider perfect. With our strengths and weaknesses. Always."
No sé si reírme, o seguir riéndome. 
Fanfic "We can't. {Justin&Tú}"


Un viaje de horas, con una incomodidad insufrible, y molestos pasajeros que no dejaban de moverse o preguntar.

Dios, y todo esto por un tonto viaje hacia el país de donde viene mi familia, a visitarla justamente.

Yo no quiero esto, ya que… ¡Ey!, acá también hay un chico de mi edad demasiado interesante para dejarlo pasar.

Pero no, esto no puede ser. Me estoy enamorando de este idiota.

¿Y lo peor?

Es que tenemos el mismo apellido. Somos familia.



I imagined Christian Ozera would look like this :3
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